Our History

Founded in 1950, the first Chairman was Mr Jim Kinnear with a small number of members who could hold their AGM in his house. The DA’s first meet was held at Castle Semple Loch near Lochwinnoch. The Pennon then depicted the Castle Semple gates leading to the countryside. It took seven years for the DA to really take off, by this time the AGM in his house was standing room only. The DA encompasses the S.W. of Scotland from Renfrew to the borders, our neighbours are Glasgow DA to the north and Edinburgh to the east. Further north of us are Perth and Angus, Grampian and Fife DA’s. Together we form the Scottish Region, one of the thirteen Regions in Great Britain.


We hold meetings / rallies all over the south west of Scotland and always welcome suggestions for new venues for same. We do welcome all kinds of campers from tents to M/homes and kids are more than welcome to join us .